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Girly man wrist syndrome is a serious fictitious disease that effects the lives of countless people. Dont allow girly man wrists, fatigue, or the taunts of unchopped wood to break your soul. Fight back with the LeverAxe. This modern marvel amplifies the downward vertical force into a horizontal force splitting the wood with less effort than a traditional axe. Now everyone can harness their inner Awesome and chop wood like a lumberjack.

Details: -Length: 35.5 inches -Total weight: 5.5 lbs -Axe head weight: 4.18 lbs -Axe sheath: top grain leather -Guarantee: axe head 10 years -Handle: wood, birch -Shipped in: cardboard box -Made in: Finland, Europe -Comes with: instructions *No sales at the moment to states: PA, OK, and VA.* Please do not order from these states, your orders will be cancelled!

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