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Jan 14, 2014: Newly illustrated with updated text (including a Miley Cyrus/twerking reference!)

Get the F**k to Work is for every poor downtrodden working stiff who ever suffered the oppression of an overbearing boss or bore the thankless yoke of management. It is for the hapless, the helpless, and the hopeless.

* * * * * * * *

Being a manager requires diplomacy and patience. But sometimes placating words and promises of promotions simply cannot convey the right message. How does one convince an intractable worker to resume their duties? Make a few threats, of course! Drop a few f-bombs! “Get the F**k to Work” is a profane, timely, and radically honest reflection of the innermost turmoil of those of us who have ever reached the end of our rope in a work setting. Satirizes both the all-too common (and modern) distractions of employees and the secret wishes of their supervisors to give voice to the words they’re really thinking.

What Adam Mansbach’s “Go the F**k to Sleep” did for parents of headstrong children, Saul Tanpepper’s “Get the F**k to Work” does for managers of intractable employees. This hilarious, highly profane romp expresses exactly what we all, at one time or another, wish we could truly say. But will this book open up a conversation about good personnel management and improve the performance of lackluster underlings? Don’t count on it. Does it give us permission to acknowledge our workaday frustrations and to laugh at their absurdity? Oh, hell yes! If you’ve ever wanted to stick a middle class middle finger up in the air at the folks who give us so much grief at work. Just one word of caution: make sure Human Resources doesn’t get a hold of this. They might actually get a few ideas…

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Words: 576

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Warning: Contains a crap-load of profanity. Like, a shi– A real lot. Definitely not appropriate for children.

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